Best Water Trampolines for 2020

The 3 Best Water Trampolines For 2020

Water trampolines are enjoyable for both kids and parents. Kids can enjoy the unparalleled fun of bouncing on a giant water machine while parents can enjoy lounging on top of the trampoline as they float to the middle of the water. It’s always a good time to visit your local lake, beach, or pond; and it’s an even better time to order a water trampoline to make your next swimming trip twice as fun! 

For us, water recreation (fun in the sun) is a tradition. Straying away from our usual content, when the weather is just right, we gear up with our favorite beach toys and start the fun.

A water trampoline is almost always a necessity for our team’s lake trips, here is a list of our 3 favorite tested trampolines:


Yes, here it is. The best water trampoline we found online. With this trampoline, you won’t have to worry about a tarnished bouncer or a difficult setup. That’s because the Island Hopper 10′ Bounce N’ Splash Padded Water Bouncer ($750) a no blow out guarantee..Read More


We just put this trampoline ($2070) to work on the opening day of Spring. We went to our local Los Angeles lake and basically, just bounced ALL DAY. Two words: …Read More


This is more of a conservative water trampoline. Both the size and the cost are way umm smaller. The RAVE Sports O-Zone Plus Water Bouncer ($410) is a great start toy and works as an intro to the world of trampolines in the water. This trampoline holds up to 3 children, and about one average sized adult. BUT, there is one perk to this trampoline that’s missing from the other two…Read More

In summary,  we had some fun in the sun with this list. We got nice and tan while jumping away on the best water trampolines your money can buy (first world problems). It’s all about the  durability, ease of installation, and size. You can thank us later. Enjoy the next lake, beach or pond trip with your awesome new trampoline, on us. Must Cop out!

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