The 6 Best Turkey Hunting Vests For 2020

Lightweight turkey hunters typically have more gear than they can manage. If you choose to begin the season as a heavyweight, a well designed turkey hunting vest is still the best way to carry your tools. A turkey vest is personal and essential for all your hunting necessities.

For us, turkey hunting is a tradition. Straying away from our usual content, when the season begins, we gear up with our favorite vests and get to work.

Here is a list of our 6 favorite field-tested vests:


Yes, here it is. The best selling turkey hunting vest we found online. With this vest, you won’t have to forgo your best turkey hunting calls, strikers, and hunting accessories at camp. That’s because the ALPS Outdoorz Super Elite 4.0 ($105) comes with 22 pockets…Read More


The team just put this vest ($110) to work on the opening day of Spring’s turkey hunting season. Two words: Useful and comfortable. At first we had some trouble with the chest strap, as it sat a bit too high, but it can easily be lowered by sliding down the shoulder strap. As a turkey hunting novice, I’m about 6’2″ and weigh about 215lbs…Read More


Our first impression of the ALPS OutdoorZ NWTF Long Spur Turkey Hunting Vest ($130) is that it is well made. The seat padding is cozy and isn’t too big, the belt for your waist is has a good width with ample cushion. You can definitely wear this all day with ease…Read More

This ALPS OutdoorZ NWTF Impact Turkey Vest ($100) is amazing. We were looking for a few months at vests from a couple nearby shops. I was hesitant at first to purchase one online because you’re never really sure of the quality without seeing it in person. But this is definitely a good choice…Read More


Like I said, I’m 6’2″ and 210lbs. With this Mossy Oak vest ($90) I went with XL and let me tell you, the side adjustments feel like they were tailored just for me. Great pocket placement and a great cost saving starter vest for all your hunting endeavors. Hunt on!

A pretty minimal vest that still offers a variety of perks. Sports a good amount of storage for your calls, your adjustment points, your iPhone, and (of course) your shells.



In summary,  we did the grunt work and found you the best vests your hard earned money can buy. It’s all about the seat padding, pocket number, and fabric quality. You can thank us later. Enjoy the next hunting season with your awesome new vest, on us. Must Cop out!


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